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What is the official verified address for the WSB Token?


How do I use Binance Smart Chain?

We will add more extensive articles currently Binance Academy is a great place to start. You can learn about Binance Smart Chain at the Binance Academy:

Metamask Tutorial:

Trust Wallet:

What are the current exchanges?

Users can find the current exchange at PancakeSwap ( when using the pancake swap interface add our token address in the available prompt 0x22168882276e5d5e1da694343b41dd7726eeb288 and it will populate the correct token. Always check.

Is voting the only purpose of the WSB token?

We are voting on ETP decisions as a collective group and allocating those funds. This is beyond the basic governance of occasional changes and drives direct action utilizing ETPs. Apes Together Strong.

Is this project associated with WSB Reddit?

Jaime Rogozinski is one of our advisors. He originally created the wallstreetbets subreddit. Currently, the subreddit is made up of many different mods and an open community. He created something that was massively popular which can be really hard and it has ultimately led to many hilarious, interesting and educational moments. Jaime specifically found our product interesting and we were excited he wanted to participate because we want knowledgeable people in the space to advise. Thanks Jaime!

Why does Reddit or other sources have negative opinions?

Reddit is an open platform. WSBDapp could be thought of as an option just like there are many other items on the market. It’s great people have things to say and have open conversations. People will say good and bad. Ultimately, we have to prove ourselves to the market and we feel comfortable and confident about our approach. We hope we can sway many opinions and hey hopefully ruffle some feathers too.

Why do some addresses hold so many tokens?

Vested tokens are held by our treasury. This is an independent and secure partner that only releases tokens based on the vesting schedule. You can see more details on the tokenomics page.

When exchange?

Since we’re on Binance Smart Chain we’d love to have a conversation with Binance obviously. In the past they have supported projects, and we think with continued success and your support that could be a reality. Otherwise, we will let the community know if any exchange is confirmed.

What’s our marketing plan?

To aggressively launch products and keep the community in the loop. We will issue regular updates and move like an efficient startup. In addition, we’ll engage users in our Telegram and on Twitter and reach out to folks in the space. We feel well positioned starting out with a large community, and a successful IDO that distributed to many holders. With our marketing budget we’ll focus on traditional avenues and also try to do some really fun contests, promotions and more.

Why are there more WSB tokens on BSC?

Anyone can create a token on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Like Ethereum it’s an open system where bep20 (erc20 on BSC) can be created by anyone. Some people think they’ll catch a few people who don’t check and they will lose funds. Always check the address on the website to verify

Hi, I'd like to have information about vesting and treasury its not mentioned on litepaper

You can check our tokenomics page on the website and it will explain our current status.

Why are there over 200 wallets with exactly 16,428.571 tokens?

IDO buyers had a set amount of contribution so there is more distribution. This is that amount in terms of tokens.

What is farming?

Farming is a way to take your $WSB and pool it, or provide liquidity. When you do this you can receive WSB tokens as rewards. This is a standard on DeFi protocols, visit our blog to learn more.

I am looking for the Stonks ETP paper, where can I find it?

The WSB YOLO Stonks ETP (Exchange Traded Portfolio) pdf can be found here.

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