Buy Your $WSB Token

1. Get a Wallet

Set up your Wallet to receive your tokens.
WSB tokens can be stored on any BinanceSmartChain (BSC) wallet. If you're new to crypto, we suggest TrustWallet (easy to set up and secure). Install the TrustWallet mobile app and create your account.

2. Connect your Wallet

Once you have a BSC-enabled wallet, click the connect button and go through the steps to connect with your wallet so that your tokens can be deposited to your wallet address.

3. Buy BNB Token

Once your BSC wallet is connected, click the 'Buy BNB' button to use a local payment method such as bank transfer or payment card to stock up on BNB.

4. Swap BNB for WSB

Once you have BNB you can now swap it for WSB.

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