WallStreetBets and DIGTL to Launch Retail Funds with Liquid Network on Global Stock Exchange, MERJ

WSB Token


October 25, 2021

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BIG NEWS from Money 20/20!

WallStreetBets Founder Jaime Rogozinski shocked the stage at Money 20/20 announcing; all-new DeFi products built on the Bitcoin blockchain.


That’s right. WSBDApp is building on the Bitcoin blockchain!

With this development, we can make secure trading easier for apes of any brain size, working in alliance with Digital Markets (DIGTL), Liquid Network by Blockstream and MERJ Exchange (MERJ).

This Is Our Revolution

Access to exchange-traded portfolios, tokenized stocks from global companies, and other game-changing assets voted by you, the WSBDApp community.

All of this was made possible  by the Liquid Network sidechain, created by Blockstream.

The CSO of Blockstream Samon Mow is psyched:

“WallStreetBets has captured the imagination of millions in its face-off against some of the most predatory hedge-fund practices. The movement’s objective to create fair and open markets dovetails perfectly with open blockchain settlement” … “Liquid’s sidechain-based settlement network is the ideal asset issuance and management platform to support the WallStreetBets vision of providing everyone safe and equal access to capital markets.”

To develop this great DeFi revolution, we first engaged with DIGTL to connect WallStreetBets to MERJ.

This is how WSBDApp’s investment ecosystem will work:

  • Bitcoin (Layer 1 — Network)
  • Liquid (Layer 2 — Securities issuance and registry)
  • MERJ (Layer 3 — Exchange and market infrastructure)
  • DIGTL (Layer 4 — Issuer and investor interfaces)
  • WSB (Issuer and investor community)

An interface for trading digital securities and cryptocurrencies via a regulated securities market infrastructure.

Did we say ‘regulated’? Yes. Remember - our goal is to swallow CeFi whole and absorb it fully into our emerging DeFi world.

One. Ape. Bite. At. A. Time.

We’ll use everything provided by DIGTL and MERJ, while expanding  investment and liquidity access to investors worldwide.

Beating The Evil Hedge Funds

WallStreetBets will combat the most important issue hitting investors: corrupt elitist markets.

Like WallStreetBets did with GameStop, we’ll keep on fighting the evil hedge funds and their outdated methods of centralized power.

With most hedge funds needing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to participate,  its obvious they only want a certain class of investors to succeed along side them.

WallStreetBets is made for the people, by the people.

Enter “The People’s Fund,” which is exactly what you hope it sounds like — a crypto hedge fund for the ‘people’ (euphemism for degenerate trading apes like us), managed by industry experts at DIGTL — and it costs less than $1 per share. Yup, one buck.

Available to any retail investor on the planet. Now you don’t have to be on Wall Street or a member of the ultra-wealthy to have access to cutting-edge investments.

Power To The People

James Wallace, Chair of DIGTL was stoked and sajames id:

“Partnering with WallStreetBets is very exciting as our mission has always fundamentally been about ‘power to the people,’ which perfectly aligns us with the community.”

“We’ve been building the technology and financial infrastructure for several years to facilitate the issuance, listing and trading of digital securities in order to evenly distribute access to capital markets globally. We seek to allow all of the world’s people to ‘vote with their dollars’ and shape the future by investing in assets they believe in. The People’s Fund will provide truly even access to an advanced hedge fund and allow the WallStreetBets community, and any other similarly-minded people, to access the markets with the most sophisticated custom algorithms and advanced research and analysis, to ensure optimal entries and exits from these markets and protect them from common predatory trading practices.”

The future of finance is not on Wall Street. It’s on WallStreetBets.

Jaime sums it up well:

“WallStreetBets and DIGTL share a common vision of a market void of payment for order flow, aggressive short-selling practices and other market manipulations,”.

Propelling mass adoption of digital securities and cryptocurrency through familiar financial products is a huge step in the right direction.

And there we go, making the future brighter for all investors through the WallStreetBets DApp.