Why ETFs Are Profit Killer Distractions From The New ETPs

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September 26, 2021

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Exchange traded portfolios (ETPs) function quite similarly to exchange traded funds (ETFs). 

And therein lies the problem...

ETFs are still tied to the old-fashioned ways of finance. They were revolutionary in their time, but a new time has come.

So wake up to the fact that...


ETFs Keep You Stuck In The Matrix

Like it or not, decentralized finance hasn’t been accepted by everyone. Cryptocurrency, for example, continues to battle for legitimacy as an acceptable form of payment.

And when it comes to ETFs...

There’s a more established track record. They’ve been around since the early 1990’s, and with nearly three decades of data backing them, current perceptions will be hard to shake — at first.  

Benefits of traditional ETFs are well  represented in the mainstream media. They’re also supported by financial advisors and brokerage firms, which of course have their own interest in promoting ETFs to you. 

But an ETFs  are far more restrictive and costly than ETPs.

And therein lies another problem...

ETFs Can Look Like They’re On Your Side

ETFs were a great option to balance \ your portfolio, avoid excessive fees, and provided yourself with some security.

Now, ETFs are being adapted to the revolutionary markets of cryptocurrencies and synthetic stocks. This can be particularly distracting to people (like us) who see promise in these markets. 

But don’t take the bait…

This is nothing more than Wall Street attempting to retain controle. These ETFs still leave you reliant on them to take part in the future. 

Their future. 

WSBDapp is a community that stands by the power of synthetic stocks (stonks) and cryptocurrencies. But it’s not one that stands for Wall Street’s attempts at stripping it from you. 

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 You need to also know that…


ETFs Cost You In Both Time and Money

Ironically, ETFs are glorified for their ability to help you save both time and money. They ‘save you time’ by allowing you to instantly diversify. And they ‘save you money’ by subjecting you to less brokerage fees. 

But ETPs have turned these ‘savings’ into jokes...

An ETP saves you time not only in diversification, but in physical hours. In decentralized finance, there’s no weekend, federal holiday, or business hour that stands in your way. You trade whenever you want.

And when it comes to brokerage fees…

ETPs eliminate them further  because they’ve eliminated the brokerage. And this adds up to  HUGE savings in the long-run.

Keep informed about the benefits of decentralized finance and the downsides of traditional finance on our blog.

And here’s another thing ETF advocates don’t want to admit…

ETPs Can Do Everything That ETFs Can


Exchange traded portfolios still allow you to invest in a collection of assets that track things like market indexes or sector-based stocks. With ETPs they can be thought of as pooled assets

And remember those crypto and synthetic stock ETFs we talked about?

Best believe ETPs do the same. Multiple ETPs offer instant diversification into coins and synthetic stocks.

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ETPs Breakdown Barriers, But ETFs Hold Them Up

On top of going toe-to-toe with ETFs, ETPs venture further into uncharted territory. They’re not only breaking down time barriers, but also trade barriers. It’s time your thinking goes global.

But wait, aren’t there ETFs made up of international stocks?

There are but you have to ask yourself, who’s making them? Make no mistake, it’s still Wall Street.Their influence is by no means limited to Manhattan. One of the biggest distractions presented by ETFs is the idea that they’re able to offer you internationally diverse assets.

But compared to ETPs, they don’t even come close…

The power of selecting assets for an ETP is given directly to you, and to the ‘yous’ around the world. Diversify your portfolio through true diversity. Become part of an international conversation that’s devoted to putting together the right assets for you.

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WSBDapp recognizes the potential threat of ETFs on modern-day investors like you. Their appeals are rooted in solid ideas, but are unfortunately still capitalized on by corrupt institutions. 

Thankfully, ETPs have taken the great ideas from the past and brought them into the futuristic era of decentralized finance. 

Don’t get distracted by the false allure of ETFs. They’re harped on plenty in mainstream media, but have no true way to compete against ETPs. They can’t save you time or money like  an ETP, and they have no exclusive offerings.

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