Why Crafty Investors Are ‘Apeing-In’ To Synthetic Stocks — Welcome to the Wall Street Bets DApp

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September 17, 2021

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Why Crafty Investors Are ‘Apeing-In’ To Synthetic Stocks — Welcome to the Wall Street Bets DApp

We all know who controls financial markets. It’s the institutions on Wall Street who write the rules, and decide how the game is played.

Institutions have the market in their grasp, manipulating and taking advantage of us retail investors at every turn. Whether it’s from spreading fake news stories, political lobbying or any other trickery, they always find a way to move the market in their favour.

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Our generation saw all the distress the 2009 financial crises caused on our loved ones, and guess who caused it? The greedy Fat Cats of Wall Street such as Goldman Sachs.

But the tide is turning. The Wall Street Bets community is born out of opposition to the status quo. And if the AMC and GME squeezes proved anything is that together we are unbeatable and institutions fear us.

That’s why we created the WSBDApp, with DeFi and decentralized finance. We are empowering you, the retail investor. The new tide? This time it’s us, the everyday investors, taking from the pockets of the market manipulators.

The main concept of DeFi is that users can offer and monetize a financial service or product without a middle man. As a result, those corrupt and inefficient institutions get cut out. Giving power back to the people and taking it from financial institutions. We’re rewriting the rules. This time, retail traders are in charge and profiting free from the shackles of Wall Street. All via the blockchain.


Few sectors need improvements more than brokerages. Just think about how they block trading based on a lack of documents or geographical position. A central institution should not be telling us where, when and how we are allowed to invest our funds. That’s our decision!

And not only that, but these institutions are also often corrupt to the core. Inflation is at over 5% and rising, the stock market is in an artificially inflated bubble that will soon burst and the government is hiking taxes and restrictions. So what will become of your retirement fund?

As you see, the cards are not stacked in your favour.

But a new technology is stepping up. Decentralized blockchain applications also known as dApps. Smart (automated) apps built on a decentralized blockchain that no central entity controls — which means no one can abuse it.

With the WSBDApp, traders can exchange assets without a brokerage. And once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to do. Trade without restrictions, borders or exorbitant fees — anytime and anywhere you wish.

We cut out the middleman. The old fashioned Wall Street broker. And let’s be honest, are you going to miss him? Not likely.

Financial manipulators have their days numbered. The power goes from them to you, the investor. And with our team of blockchain experts, our dream is quickly becoming a reality.

How exactly do we plan to decentralize trading and cut out the multi-billion brokerage institutions?

Via the asset type that makes all this possible.

Synthetic Stocks

Tokenized versions of stocks, tradable on our platform, without needing to own the underlying asset. What our community calls ‘stonks’.

The benefits to investors include:

1. Borderless Trading

The global economy will connect more than ever. People all over the world will enjoy no limitations to trade stocks. For example, an American trader can, on the WSBDApp, invest in Chinese synthetic stocks that he would otherwise not be able to own due to geo-political reasons.

No longer can bureaucrats and brokerages stop you from investment opportunities all around the world.

2. Volatility Hedging

You’ve probably heard that the crypto market is crazy at times. Extreme volatility is the order of the day. Scary price drops are to be expected from time to time. Maybe that’s what’s stopping you from investing in digital assets.

Fortunately, we have a solution. Instead of keeping your funds in quickly depreciating FIAT, investors can hedge with stable synthetic stocks and equities. Adding Stonks to your portfolio can decrease risk, all while still earning good returns.

3. 24/7 Trading

The NYSE is open for trading from 9:30 AM to 4 PM. And if you live in a different time zone or are simply at work, that’s your problem. No trading for you.

With the WSBDApp, that problem doesn’t exist. You can trade synthetic assets 24/7, any time you see fit.

4. No Fees or Brokerage

Without a brokerage as a middleman, there’s also no need for those exorbitant fees. From the withdrawal and trading fees to the hidden charges, no more will institutions eat into your profits.

The lack of a middle man makes trading a whole lot more efficient. Bugs and the platform freezing in times of high volume like on brokerages will not be a problem. And probably the best benefit from all of this is not to have to pay for brokerage fees. Traders can finally keep what is theirs.

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And that’s only scratching the surface…

There’s a lot more to the WSBDApp! Read our article The ETP Gamechanger to learn about our second game changing product.

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