The Secret Crypto Stocks Causing Commotion on Wall Street

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September 18, 2021

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Powerful forces that pull the strings on Wall Street are beginning to question whether their lax attitude towards cryptocurrency was a mistake.

At first, they overlooked the technological capabilities… then, they questioned the sustainability of Bitcoin… later they considered how they might create a blockchain for the stock market… and then, many of the industry’s top experts began adding Bitcoin to their balance sheet.

Now, the investment potential of blockchain technology has become too big to fail.

That’s why we created the WSBDApp, with DeFi and decentralized finance. We are empowering you, the retail investor. The new tide? This time it’s us, the everyday investors, taking from the pockets of the market manipulators.

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Whilst the stock market top dogs might have dithered and missed the boat on some exciting evolutions in the crypto journey, the blockchain maximalists didn’t. The best innovators, developers, and experts moved fast. They created an entire decentralized finance ecosystem known as ‘DeFi’. They didn’t care to see what the stock market would do. They weren’t waiting around for the go-ahead of the SEC. So, what did they do?

They built synthetic assets. These are asset tracking cryptocurrency tokens that peg themselves to the value of some of the world’s biggest stocks. Cryptocurrency has the potential to replace every financial vertical — spending, banking, investing, borrowing, gambling, and sending. Thanks to synthetic assets, traditional trading can be upgraded too.

Whilst major media outlets were quick to call synthetic assets ‘Fake versions of Tesla Inc., Apple Inc.,’ and so on and so forth, they neglected to mention a few key points…

  • Two of the world’s biggest stock trading websites, eToro and Robinhood, don’t sell the actual stocks they purport to. When you use these platforms you don’t actually own the underlying asset either. Perhaps trading synthetic assets is closer to home than you thought.
  • The synthetic asset market encapsulates far more than just asset trackers for equities. It can track and tokenize the weather, pollution rates, and even population growth.
  • Stonks is our personal label for synthetic assets that track stock prices. The programming allows these assets to be followed closely and bundled up into ‘Exchange Traded Portfolios’. These are ultra-flexible blockchain-based versions of ETFs
  • Trading volumes of Stonks are just the tiniest slither of the $100 trillion stock market. Perhaps that’s why Wall Street bosses are yet to really pay it too much attention — mAAPL has a market cap of around only $25m.

Curious about ETPs? Have a look at our guide to ETP investing.

Which $Stonks are being traded?

Mirror Protocol; one of the two major synthetic asset creators, once reported that “We were motivated to create a way for retail investors around the globe to more easily participate in the U.S. equities market”.

Do Kwon, the co-founder and CEO of Mirror, doesn’t mince his words when it comes to his support of DeFi and taking on legacy markets. His platform offers more than a dozen different stock market synthetic assets to invest in and hold, in order to earn yields.

To combat volatility and provide a first-rate service, the WSBDApp team has picked 8 popular Stonks to offer as a starting point.

They are:


Please be aware that we are an order routing system and do not create any of the assets, tokens, or instruments listed. We provide our community with a window into the world of DeFi and synths.

This is only the beginning. Our developers are working tirelessly to add more Stonks that the community chooses by vote. Some of the discussed stonks on our community forum are Facebook, Wipro, Nintendo and more, so stay tuned for updates. We aim to replace the TradFi space, and we are not going to stop until we achieve it.

Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware

Stonks are not stocks. There’s a big difference between trading tokenized derivatives on a DeFi exchange platform and selling regulated securities to traditional market investors.

US investors may eventually find that their interactions and experience with the synths world ends up much like their current access to the crypto market. Many exchanges forbid them from registering and other exchanges create US-only mini-platforms so they don’t lose market share.

We at WSBDapp will adhere to the law, but that might just put the US market out of reach. Fortunately, we support the global decentralized community. This includes millions of people around the world who are beyond the restrictions of the new SEC Head Gary Gensler and his cronies.

That’s why we created the WSBDApp, with DeFi and decentralized finance. We are empowering you, the retail investor. The new tide? This time it’s us, the everyday investors, taking from the pockets of the market manipulators.

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Wall Street panicked before, what could happen this time?

Banksters and brokers are a fickle bunch. A few years ago they were slandering Bitcoin and dragging its name through the dirt. Then they had an “aha” moment and started adding BTC to their investment portfolios. Of course, if you were planning to make a large investment, criticizing the asset and pushing its price to drop means you can buy in cheaper. Doesn’t it, Elon?

What you have to remember about the US is that Wall Street, the banks, and the US Government are all chummy. Thanks to lobbying, they’re all in each other’s pockets and wallets. If you upset one, you upset them all.

If it weren’t for the structure of Bitcoin and how it is spread around the world instead of being centralized in one location, you can almost guarantee that the US would have tried to squash it. That’s what happens when you disrupt the natural order. You become the target.

Since Bitcoin couldn’t be dismantled, destroyed, or occupied, it was forced to be understood, accepted, regulated, and taxed. Perhaps Stonks must go through this process too. Making them disappear would be a lot harder than the powerful might think.

We’ll have to wait and see. But in the meantime… full steam ahead!

Staying up-to-date on the ongoing events of the market is hugely important. Moreover, so is being part of a community of stock-studying peers. The WSBDapp has such a group. You can read and take part in our stock conversations here.