Invest In The US Stock Market From Any Country In The World Using ‘Synthetic Stocks’ — Even Without A Stock Broker

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September 17, 2021

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Are you interested in US stocks but can’t buy them from your local stock broker? Or do the brokerage fees feel like a rip-off?

There is now an easy way to gain exposure to major US stocks like Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Tesla, Google, Investo, and Twitter and many others… no matter what country you’re in — without paying any broker fees.

Welcome to the world of ‘Synthetic Stocks’.

Synthetic… Stocks?

Yes. Think of them as ‘asset trackers’.

With synthetic stocks, you gain exposure to stocks without having to actually own the underlying shares — an opportunity made possible via new blockchain based trading tools.

No bank or brokerage account needed. Just get yourself a crypto wallet and start investing!

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Introducing The Wall Street Bets Decentralized Application…

…for cross-border trading of synthetic stocks and more — without any need for a broker.

The WSBDApp allows traditional stock market investors a wider selection of investment opportunity from around the world — joining the trend towards decentralized investing — with all the familiarity of stock investing you already know so well.

As of August 2021, you can buy and sell synthetic stocks (called ‘stonks’ by our investment community) with no brokerage account, from anywhere in the world. Using the Wall Street Bets DApp, traders get to choose from a growing selection of stonks. These are denominated with the letter m and the stock ticker, and currently include:


Note: This is only the beginning. Our developers are working tirelessly to add more Stonks that the community chooses by vote. Some of the discussed stonks on our community forum are Facebook, Wipro, Nintendo and more, so stay tuned for updates. We aim to replace the TradFi space, and we are not going to stop until we achieve it.

Ready to make a start with stonks? Here’s our latest guide on the buying process for stonks.

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The What & Why Of ‘Stonks’

Stonks are tokenized versions of stocks. Tradable without having to own the underlying asset or needing a middle man, hence completely cutting out brokerage accounts and fees.

Sounds good? Let’s dive into the benefits.

Trade anywhere

When it comes to free trade, borders are often an obstacle. With tariffs, sanctions, and different regulations, some users can’t trade based on where they live. We believe that’s wrong. No one should be stopped from trading — with synthetic stocks, that problem is solved.

With WSBDApp there’s no middle man. All you need to invest is an internet connection. Brokerages might not like losing their easy profits, but they can’t do a thing about it!

Interested in crypto investment? For those with exposure to the crypto markets, the extreme volatility can be particularly stressful at times. In fact, the volatility is often why so many people do not invest in crypto. That’s why hedging against it is not a bad idea. By diversifying your portfolio with synthetic stocks, you can reap the benefits of crypto with less volatility risk.

24/7 Trading

Stock Markets are only open at certain times. The NYSE, for example, is open for trading from 9:30 AM to 4 PM. And because the American stock exchanges are the biggest, this can be a big problem for traders living in different time zones.

The WSBDApp solves that. Cutting out the middle man with no border restrictions means that trading is open 24/7.

No Broker Fees

Broker Fees eat into the profits of all traditional stock investors and traders. Unfortunately for brokerages, the WSBDApp makes them obsolete, as without a middle there are also no broker fees. Traders get to keep what is theirs.

Is this unique?

Yes, it is, and you may be one of the early adopters to jump on the WSBDApp rocket. Our competitors are mainly crypto swap platforms… or stock brokers. The Wall Street Bets DApp is building a new community while democratizing and decentralizing finance. This is what sets us apart.

The Wall Street Bets DApp serves the people, taking power from Wall Street and giving it back to you, the investor.

We may even be helping to create an entirely new financial paradigm by making financial trading accessible to all, anytime, anywhere.

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Synthetic Stocks — Don’t Miss Out On the Future

Get started with stonks via our stonks buying guide.

Wall St is ‘an old boys club’ where exclusivity is their preference and power is held in the hands of few. These institutions manipulate the market and profit at our expense. On top of that, brokerages charge hefty fees, have a whole lot of useless rules and restrict trading based on where you live.

It’s clear to anyone that the game is rigged in favour of Wall Street. So wouldn’t it be nice to cut out the middleman?

We think so. That’s why we believe in synthetic stocks. Visit to trade.